Best rifle scope for the money – 2017 review

If you think you can buy one high-end scope for all shooting condition, you are dead wrong. There is always the perfect scope for every gun and every purpose it serves.

Whether you’re a casual shooter or hardcore hunter you must know that rifle scope is very important. Scope is the eye of your rifle. Choosing the right rifle scope can boost your confidence , increase your shooting range and surely shooting accuracy

However, we know that choosing the best rifle scope for the money is not that easy. The market is full of rifle scope for you to choose. From Cheap plastic to high end rifle scope with ultra magnification.

It is important to get the right piece that can fulfill your need. If you’re still not sure what rifle scope to buy, you’re in the right place. We’ve compared rifle scope on every aspect to give you shortcut for choosing your rifle scope.

We give you recommendations of different scope for various needs from budget oriented scope to long range, low light, and hunting scope. From $200 – $500 we give you the best bang for the buck of rifle scope for you.

Best Rifle Scope for the Money 2017 List

NameBrandWhy ? 
Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20x50 PA VortexBest scope under 500Check Price

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Black, 3.5-14x40NikonBest value under 300Check Price

Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDCNikonBest scope under 200Check Price
Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm RedfieldBest hunting scopeCheck Price
Tasco World Class 3-9x40mm Illuminated Bushnellbest scope for low lightCheck Price

Terminology in this guide can be very confusing. If you’re newbie to rifle scope, i suggest you read this glossary term  

Vortex Viper PA 30mm Tube Rifle Scope – Best rifle scope under $500


best rifle scope under $500 Vortex doesn’t compromise with quality despite its affordable price. Many previous user stated that for the performance of this scope , the price is a steal. That is why this scope is famous as it is now. You won’t get any better scope below $500.

The body is made of aircraft grade aluminum , and the glass is premium grade glass that used in high price scope. The turret also easy to adjust as well. The Vortex Viper PA 30mm is a riflescope that you can surely rely on because of its ability to shrug off moisture and recoil. It is considered to be a premium riflescope that won’t be easy to break.

Adding to the durability of this scope is the warranty. Vortext Viper has lifetime warranty. Vortex has getting popularity through its excellent customer service and after sales. Vortex VIP warranty will replace all damage of this scope with no question asked. Even if it damaged by your own fault.


Zero leveling with this scope is ultimately easy, all you have to do is flick the reset turret. Let them return back and voila , you got your scope zeroed. This feature is very useful , and also hold zero very well. Every adjustment of elevation and windage also perform perfectly accurate

The optic for this scope is super bright and clear , it is surely can compete with high dollar scope worth thousand of dollar. The reticle is very crisp and the 50mm lense is excelent for low light shooting.

There are three reticle style you can use , each have its own pros. BDC reticle is good when you concern about hold-over at different range. the V-Plex wide reticle is best used for hunting. Mil dot reticle is the best choice for long range target shooting.

The only downside is that this a second focal plane, meaning you must have the power to 14 if you want to reenter bullet drop information.

  • Excellent light transition
  • lifetime VIP warranty
  • Three reticle choice for every condition
  • Easy to zero leveling
  • Not really usable for close range.

Final take on the product

Its easy to adjust, a lot of feature , premium grade material , and excellent warranty period. What else could you expect more for scope below $500. If you are planning to buy any rifle scope, then Vortex Viper PA 33mm is an ideal choice. This product is great for newbie and veteran. A long distance shooters and hunters can opt for this as it have a decent ability for long distance shooting. Not to mention the VIP warranty make this scope should’ve triple the price. In this Price Range this is the best rifle scope for the money.

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC 3.5-14×40 Rifle Scope – Best rifle scope under $300


best rifle scope under 300The Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC 3.5 riflescope comes up with some of the extraordinary features with such a low price. This scope is one of the favored riflescopes among hunter. When considering this latest tech by nikon it is obvious that Nikon has dedicated incredible effort with this scope.

Nikon Prostaff has smooth and precision finger touch for easy control. Field adjustment is easy as dialing you range, thanks to the integrated spring making it instant loaded zero reset turret.

Riflescope is fully multi-coated and offers anti-reflective optics that helps in capturing vivid picture, and maximum light transmission.  The riflescope containing nitrogen and availability of O-ring seal is very efficient for fog proof and act as a waterproof and shockproof
With the great eye relief, you can get a comfortable extended viewing, and this helps to protect any severe shooting angles, heavy recoil and uses lightweight rifles.


While exploring this product you will find that it contains nikoplex optic, an ultra-bright lens system that can help to gather a glimmer of any fading light for around 95% light transmission.

The BDC feature (Bulled Drop Compensator) work really well for hunting environment.
PROSTAFF 5  are highly compatible along with Nikon’s SPOT ON Ballistic Match technology. Spot On technology allow you to find all exact point for every target and range.

If you are looking for a consistent eye relief, then it is the right solution for you. Through quick focus eyepiece, there is an improved chance of getting reticle into sharp focus.

One of the flaw of this scope is the BDC crosshair in this scope is not squared off, either horizontal or vertical will be leveled, the other will be off a little bit. making it unable to purely level this scope.

  • optics found on scope appears to be incredibly clear
  • Comparable quality with other high end scope
  • Reasonable price
  • Parallax adjustment setting
  • The parallax knob made of plastic


Nikon has made its name with this product. It is a great riflescope for any professional hunter or a beginner. Nikon PROSTAFF riflescope has become quite a favorite product because of its great features. a great alternative for leupold or any other expensives scope. This is a new standard for any rifle scope with cheap price. It is the same if not better quality with other scope within $500-$800 range. If you tight on budget and wanted a quality scope then this is your best buy.

Nikon Buck Master II Scope with BDC Reticle, 4–12x40mm – Best rifle scope under $200


best rifle scope under 200There are many riflescopes for long range in the market, but Nikon Buck Master II is probably your best choice for starting. The 4-12 x 40mm magnification range seems to be quite an incredible feature at such low price.
The Riflescope 4-12x 40mm allows in getting any shot in the comfort zone. The design and style can be an attractive aspect. The hunters will love the idea of getting BDC reticle which gives precise and best ranges.

Buckmaster II is an upgrade for the original buckmaster. it is lighter and now the lense is fully multi coated. This coating protect the lense from scratch and giving quality light transmission and and clarity. It can transmit up to 98% light.

Resetting the turret is very easy , the turret are spring loaded and finger tips adjustable. Anyone would love the easy and simple turret reset.


Hunters will be cheering for patented BDC reticle that helps to hold dead at any ranges that may exceed. The unique see-through feature is supported with ballistic circles that ensure an incredible vision for long range shooting. To enable field adjustments, riflescope also helps in proper integration along with zero-reset turret.

Eye-relief is said to be of high quality and also provides safety against fog, water, and shock.
Once you get through this product, you will experience that field adjustment is quite simple as that of any subsequent ranges. Helps even a typical picture for any shorter range shot to capture.

One thing that really dissapointing is the parallax adjustment. Buckmaster II doesn’t provide parallax adjustment this will be a problem if you are a long range shooting enthusiast.

  • Featuring a Bullet Drop Compensator
  • 98% light transmission
  • Protective casing
  • Easy Zero Reset
  • no parallax adjustments
  • It is said to be a perfect option for all kind of rifles, but it still a $100 scope.

Final verdict

Are you badly in need of a shooting range, that would support mid and long range hunting? The Nikon Buckmaster II is your best choice. This Scope is a real value for your money and can compete with scope double even triple the price. You can buy 3-9x40mm type for short to mid range shooting activity and 4-12x40mm​ for long range shooting.

Redfield Revolution 3-9 x 40m Rifle Scope – Best hunting rifle scope


best hunting rifle scopeWhile looking for riflescope, you will come across with Redfield Revolution 3-9x40m riflescope. Redfield is a brand that is well established in scope industry. This is an old school scope that has been used during vietnam war. However that is the original version of this scope, the newer version is a excellent tactical scope itself.

It is a product that also featured with waterproof, shockproof and fog proof that ensures that the product has a longer lifespan. The Rapid Target Acquisition eyepiece can offer with quite a generous eye relief and also allows in eliminating any need while searching for any perfect aiming.


• Through illuminator lens system it is convenient for users to get a clearer image for cleanest shot
• Availability of 3-9x40mm lense makes a good combination between any low power and high power that supports variety of terrain
Rapid target acquisition eyepiece is introduced that allows in quick finding of visual sweet spot at crucial times
Premium multi-coated optics and through vapor deposition coatings it is convenient for riflescope to offer optimal quality image and better light transmission
nitrogen in main tubes helps in getting 100% waterproof and fog-proof protection

An Accu-track adjustment that is visible in this product is quite precise and made of stainless steel. Through elevation adjustments, you can also get quick and easy zero rifles on range. .25 MOA elevation and windage adjustments help in tactical as well as audible clicks so that precision can be assured.

• The tube attached to scope can appear to be a bit short for some of the rifles and so you might be in need of rings (Weaver rings) that can enable in getting an integrated extension.

  • easy set-up
  • clear and crisp lenses with undistorted images
  • no problem with glare
  • Highly durable
  • zeroing require additional tools
  • The turret dial is not supported with any screws


In short, it can be said that this scope can be an excellent option for any hunting enthusiast and if you are looking for riflescope that is in mid-price, then it is a perfect item. Redfield Revolution also offers long range accuracy that comes along with magnification functionality. If you are a hunter, then you will probably make use of this scope which is a lot better option compared to any other scope available in the market.


Tasco Illuminated Reticle Scope – Best budget low light rifle scope


best rifle scope for the moneyTasco have been well known for low price product. When it comes to Tasco Riflescope, it is said to be a whole combination of excellence and quality. You can truly get outstanding value for money. It is impossible to find out the difference between any target shot while making use of Tasco Scopes and one shot that is offered by any brand which may cost excessively. You can surely afford it and also glorify your hunting experience!
It is designed mainly for any serious hunter that can deliver higher performance which is integrated along with advanced features. The feature that is available in this product is usually found in highly priced branded products. There is no need to compromise the quality which is easily accessible at a reasonable price.


• Aluminum main tube:
The 1.0’’ Aluminum tube proves that the riflescope is made of high-quality aluminum so that you can get an assurance related to durability and reliability.
• Water and shockproof:
It is a riflescope that is protective from water, fog, and shock. Due to the presence of nitrogen, it prevents internal fogging. The O-ring seal can also restrict scope from entering any moist, dust and debris. The rugged construction can also withstand any substantial impact.
• Vital Zone 500 reticle:
It helps the user to make an easy focus on the object and also get a quick and easy target acquisition.
• Multi-coating:
It comes along with Supercon multi-layer coating that can easily enhance light transmission in case you are experiencing a limited amount of light and looking for brighter and high contrast images.
• Adjustments:
It is a riflescope that comes along with windage and elevation adjustments that can easily enable to hold a zero. Adjustments are very easy to use and can easily target object.

Because of the low price there has to be some feature removed. This Scope is not nitrogen filled, Therefore It will fog up if there are rapid temperature change. However this scope still considered as fog resistant


  • comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Multi Coated optic
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Decent for low light hunting at cheap price
  • Short eye relief is not available

Verdict on Tasco Riflescope

Tasco World Class Riflescope is a reliable scope which can easily withstand any harsh hunting conditions. It is a durable riflescope that is available at low price. If you’re looking to hunt during the dusk and don’t have the budget for high end scope then this scope is an excellent choice.

Best Rifle Scope Buying Guide

Although many rifles come with a built in iron sight, at 100 yards, these can cover only upto 6 inches of the target. This allows for only limited preciseness of the shot and is also not very helpful during low light conditions. A rifle scope on the other can cover upto 1/8th of an inch at 100 yards. It can accentuate the available light, allowing the shooter to place a long distance shot with high accuracy even in low light conditions. Rifle scopes allow you to take full advantage of all the different weapons that would otherwise be not very advantageous.

The first thing to consider when buying a scope is its magnification. Long distance shooting weapons require intensive magnifying scopes while short distance shooting weapons used for constantly moving targets are better off with average magnification. Lower magnification like 4 and 6 allow for faster and more intuitive shots and helps to effectively keep track of the target. If you want to go for a scope that offers versatile magnification, you can pick a variable power scope that can be adjusted as per the requirement. These are more expensive as compared to fixed magnification power scopes but worth the investment due to its high utility and flexibility. Moreover, a variable power scope from a reputable company is also unlikely to have any functional  drawbacks.


  • Size of the objective lens


When you decide on the magnification that you need for your scope, you will be required to choose an objective lens. This lens collects the light and focuses it onto image. Bigger objective lenses allow for brighter and clearer images. However, it is not always practical to go for big objective lenses. These can be very heavy and may require a tripod to mount the weapon. If the balance is not maintained, it can weigh down on the shooter and can affect the preciseness of the shot. The cheek weld of the rifle should also be strong enough to bear the weight if your objective is heavy enough. Therefore, depending upon the weapon in question and the shooting range, you can according choose from a wide range of objective lenses.


  • Reticles


Reticles are the fine line that criss cross at the focal plane of the scope to allow for accurate measurement of the target. There are a number of reticle patterns used in scopes, from a simple dot to fine grids. However, the most commonly used reticles are dulplex reticle, mildot reticle and BDC reticle.


Duplex reticle

Duplex reticles are by far the most commonly used reticles in scopes. It has two perpendicular lines that cross at the center of the lens. The lines are very fine at the center aloowing the shooter to view the target with great accuracy. Towards the oter edges of the scope, the line becomes thicker. this can be helpful specially during the low light conditions when the fine center crosshair may not be visible. This type of reticle is ideal for hunting and target shooting.

Mildot reticle

Mildot reticles are used for long range shootings. It is based on the duplex reticle and has additional dots along the center cross hairs, which are placed according to specific angles measured in milradians. These dots can be used to adjust the shot taking the wind velocity and elevation into consideration. The dots along the vertical line can be used as a bullet drop compensator. Once the shooter becomes acquainted with a mildot reticle, it helps to place accurate shots. It is due to this very aspect that the mildot reticle is considered as the standard reticle in military and law enforcement.

BDC reticle

BDC stands for bullet drop compensator. With this scope, the shooter does not have to adjust the height of the scope for every shot. The only difference between a duplex and the BDC is that the BDC reticle comes with a lot of calibrations along the central vertical line. These calibrations allow for easy calculations for differently ranged target distances. The BDC reticle is far more effective than the duplex and the mil dot reticle. However, it is only available for certain cartridges and their accuracy can only be guaranteed up to within 500 yards.


  • Minute of angle


Minute of angle or MOA is a term used to refer to the variances in the target at a distance of 100 yards. With every click of the adjustment knob, the bullet’s point of impact will move closer towards the target point. This is great for someone who is looking for fine and precise adjustments. You can either go for an MOA or a miliradian [MRAD] scope. The MRAD scope is great for long distance shooting.


  • Reticle positioning


When you have finally decided on the choice of reticle and MOA or MRAD, it is time to choose the reticle positioning on the scope. FFP and SFP are the two positioning of the reticle. FFP positioning is commonly used for short range targets. Here, the reticle size remains constant irrespective of the magnification. So you will a steady aim at the target at all levels of magnification. SFP is used for long range shootings. Here, the size of the reticle changes with magnification. At low magnification, the reticle is barely visible. However, long range shootings always come with increased magnification and therefore provide accurate measurements.


  • Parallax


Parallax error is when the reticle seems to change position when you move your head. This is caused when the scope is not able to focus the target and the reticle in the same focal plane and it can lead to missed shots. Many inexpensive scopes can provide parallax free  viewings only for short ranges. One way to overcome this error is by moving the head back until you see an equal shadow on all sides of the reticle.

When you have finally settled on what you are going to need, compare the prices. A good scope can cost up to several hundred dollars. Invest in a name that you trust, even if it means paying a little extra. A rifle’s efficiency is very much dependent on the scope it uses, so get a scope that will help you get the most out of your rifle.

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